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The Perfect Suite for Exploring Ideas in 3D!

The Autodesk AutoCAD Design Suite is a special combination of software tools that brings together AutoCAD software with various other tools to create a powerful AutoCAD design suite. As a reliable option for 2D and 3D tools, the suite allows you to create impactful designs while also making it possible to showcase them in an appealing manner. The diverse nature of the services offered by this AutoCAD design suite is what serves to make it appealing to specialists in both artsy and technical fields, who will be able to find many uses for it.


A quick look at everything included in this AutoCAD design suite software will immediately clue you in on how much it has to offer. Below is a list that notes down all the various software available in the suite:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Raster Design
  • Autodesk Sketchbook Designer
  • Autodesk Showcase
  • Autodesk Mudbox
  • Autodesk 3ds Max Design
  • Autodesk Alias Design


This AutoCAD design suite is capable of various functions, though its greatest utility comes from its tools for designing and sketching 2D and 3D models. Other areas which it can prove useful for include:

  • All scanned drawings and plans can be easily digitised
  • The Autodesk 360 platform offers many great conveniences:
    • For one, you can quickly share any models or designs through it
    • It’s rendering cloud service can also be used to create other renders
    • This same cloud service can further be utilised to speed up the process of creating renders
  • Cinematic rendering is available for adding a little extra flair when showcasing designs
  • Easily convert files to the DWG format from third party 3D files
  • The Raster Designer brings with it, some very powerful vector tools
  • The suite is also capable of creating interactive presentations and renderings
  • Through the use of point cloud tools, you can recreate environments built-in within your designs
  • Through AutoCAD you can also access your Autodesk software directly
  • Freely and conveniently explore variations in form, fit, finish, and function
  • It’s also possible to use illustrations to highlight your designs a little


There are numerous benefits to purchasing the Autodesk AutoCAD Design Suite. If the wide variety of options and uses doesn’t appeal to you, then perhaps looking at the specific benefits will catch your fancy:

  • This AutoCAD design suite offers nothing short of high quality visuals. The details on all your sketches, drawings and models will be defined and visible.
  • One will also find Smart Dimensioning among the benefits. This means that you get to make your own measurements based on the context of your drawing or sketch.
  • The Documentation tools are also extremely impressive, allowing for the easy sharing of any design details.
  • A diverse range of professionals in fields like: Interior Design, Architecture, Engineering, or Designing will all find that the tools available in this AutoCAD Design suite software will serve them well on the job.
  • The well-developed 3D tools offer a convenient medium to explore and test out various ideas.
  • Among the more obvious benefits is that by keeping all sketches, designs, etc. on an online platform, the problem of wasting paper on manual drawings is avoided.
  • Presentations can easily be shared in various ways i.e. live, online or on mobile devices.
  • Suite workflows are automatically integrated, allowing you to save time.
  • By purchasing the Autodesk AutoCAD Design Suite, you avoid incurring too many expenses. This is because this one suite offers all the necessary tools you will require. So rather than purchasing a long list of other software suites, you only need to make a single purchase of this suite and you instantly have everything you’ll need.