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Project Management and Construction; Save Time and Reduce Risks!

The Autodesk NavisWorks Manage software is a product that allows for greater coordination in tasks related to construction, project analysis or project review. This software makes it possible to integrate designs and models on a 3D plane, allowing team members to combine and share models of any size. These advanced tools provide the means for both simulating and optimising scheduling, while also providing insight into any potential structural problems.


Above, you can get a brief idea of what this NavisWorks software is capable of. However, there’s a lot more to it. Below we’ll outline what tools you’ll have access to when you purchase the NavisWorks Manage software:

  • Model File and Data Aggregation
  • A Review Toolkit
  • Real time navigation
  • Photorealistic visualisation capabilities
  • 4D Scheduling
  • NWD and 3D DWF Publishing
  • Object animation capabilities
  • Interference Management
  • Clash Detection
  • BIM 360 Glue


Seeing the powerful combination of features above is no doubt exciting. You can achieve a great deal by using the features provided by NavisWorks Manage. But if you’re still unclear on exactly how useful these tools are, it’s advised to take a look at the way these features come together and see what exactly their purpose is in the grand scheme of things. We’ll list them for you below:

  • Real time navigation and the option for a whole team project review provide a great deal of convenience when it comes to project viewing.
  • Some of the tools listed above also serve to make it much easier to carry out model reviews. The tools that assist in this aspect are as follows:
    • Model file and data aggregation
    • Review toolkit
    • NWD and DWF publishing
    • Collaboration toolkit
  • Thanks in great part to features like: 4D scheduling, photorealistic model rendering and object animation, this NavisWorks software can also be used for the purposes of model simulation and analysis.
  • The presence of BIM coordination with AutoCAD and 360 Glue Integration streamlines project workflows and allows for greater efficiency through its cloud based management.
  • Quantification is another convenience provided due to the availability of integrated model take off and 2D sheet take off.
  • Essentially its greatest utility, the Autodesk NavisWorks has the capability of running clash detection and interference management, allowing for more practical decisions to be made as the project management goes on.


NavisWorks Manage is clearly an invaluable tool for those working in construction, architecture or engineering. The software offers so many powerful tools under one suite making the entire process of a project a lot more convenient. Here we will share with you exactly how convenient your job will become if you start taking advantage of everything this NavisWorks software has to offer you:

  • Clash detection tools make it possible to run simulations and help you anticipate what kind of problems might spring up during construction. Not only is this helpful on its own, but it also allows you to save on time by telling you beforehand what you will need to watch out for.
    • Also worth mentioning is the amount of money it saves by assessing potential problems prior to beginning construction
  • The Model file and data aggregation make it possible to collect and integrate differing project data into a singular model.
  • The photorealistic capabilities of the software give you the opportunity to win over stakeholders by using visually compelling designs and models.
  • The Review Toolkit offers great control for measuring, and organising views. It goes the extra mile and makes it fairly easy to export these views for reports, etc.
  • You can streamline your project and prevent delays through 4D scheduling, which is capable of simulating schedules and logistics
  • Through the Collaboration Toolkit you can encourage teamwork by giving people the opportunity to leave notes or mark ups on various viewpoints.