Software Every MEP Contractor Needs

Autodesk Fabrication software comes in three distinct versions meant to accommodate professionals in specific fields. These versions are known by the names: Fabrication CAMduct, Fabrication CADmep, and Fabrication ESTmep. Each version of this software has been designed to fulfil a distinct purpose, whether that is generating estimates, the creation of accurate models, or even directly driving MEP fabrication. CAMduct is engineered for ductwork or ventilation related fabrication. CADmep is for the purpose of mechanical detailing for MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) contractors. ESTmep is also software for MEP contractors however it serves the purpose of calculating estimates for project costs and such.


Due to the fact that there are separate versions of software available under the Autodesk Fabrication umbrella, it’s most useful to examine their features as distinct from one another for the sake of clarity. The features you’ll gain access to with each version are as follows:

Fabrication CADmep

  • Integration with Revit
  • Integration with AutoCAD MEP
  • Manufacturer Content and Patterns included
  • Validation of Services and Clash Detection
  • Databases and Content Libraries are shared
  • Layout is Multiservice friendly

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Fabrication CAMduct

  • Integration with Revit
  • Sheet Metal and Linear Testing
  • Component Library for Sheet Metal
  • Machine Support and NC Writing
  • Databases and Content Libraries are shared
  • Advanced Tools for calculating job costs

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Fabrication ESTmep

  • Integration with Revit
  • Use Revit and AutoCAD MEP to generate bids
  • Manufacturer Content and Patterns included
  • Tools for calculating Value Engineering Options
  • Databases and Content Libraries are shared
  • Project Variation can be tracked

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