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The Best Automotive Design Tool on the Market!

The Autodesk Alias AutoStudio or Alias Autostudio (for short), is the leading software for designers and technical experts in the automotive industry along with many others. Provided in this software are the best surfacing technologies, which are further supported by tools for class sketching, modelling, and visualisation. The streamlined workflow provided by this Alias AutoStudio software enables designers to produce quality output at a faster pace. So this software brings convenience to the process of developing sketches, from producing models, all the way to creating detailed designs.


The above description is helpful for getting a general gist of what the Alias AutoStudio Software is capable of. Below we’ll show you the exact capabilities you’ll be able to access when you purchase the software.

  • Class A Surfacing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Creating 3D Concept Models
  • Prototyping rapidly
  • Advanced Revision
  • Sketching
  • Animation
  • Visualisation
  • Illustrations


This section is tailored to explain how Alias AutoStudio can help you and what you can do with it.

  • Variety of options for modelling and concept design
    • Integrated tools for sketching and illustrating. For example, predictive strokes can be used to capture ellipses, lines, or circles.
    • Curve based modelling tools are fast, flexible and repeatable; allowing you to sculpt and edit 3D models directly.
    • Dynamic shape modelling means you don’t have to worry about rebuilding geometry and can freely explore variations in shape on models.
    • 3D Sculpting can be achieved through mesh-like modelling.
  • Many options for surface modelling and Class A surfacing
    • Data can be scanned from workflows allowing access to a toolset with expanded mesh selection.
    • Class A Surfaces can be created through specific speed and control making for more precise surface models.
    • Through automated surface creation and editing options can multiple operations can be performed with a single tool.
    • Freeform Curve Blend and View Flip offer a great deal of predictive control over your models.
  • Strong product visualisation capabilities are also available
    • Design options such as shading, colour and texture can be applied with real time visualisations.
    • You can easily switch between colour combinations or shading assignments
    • High resolution imagery displays your output in aesthetically pleasing renderings
  • You can also use the Autodesk Alias AutoStudio to assist with detailed design and surface analysis
    • The Light Tunnel tool makes it possible to examine light ray reflections and effects on your surfaces.
    • You can easily create smooth transitions between surfaces by using the Multiblend Tool.
    • Stitches and seams can be created through an automated process.
      • The Stitch and Seam tool also has the Deck Seam tool added to its functions.
    • Arrays of lines or surfaces (possible in either 2D or 3D) can be used for the purpose of simplifying both uniform and non-uniform objects.


The Autodesk Alias AutoStudio certainly looks like an attractive option based on all information presented. However, it becomes even more tempting to purchase it once you look at the various benefits you’ll get to experience as a result.

  • You can freely explore your creativity while still making practical considerations, thanks to the convenient sketching and illustration tools. Translating ideas to designs and then into models is made very easy.
  • Alias AutoStudio guides you as you actualise your design, helping you create models that are both aesthetically pleasing and designed with proper engineering in mind.
  • Industrial design data can be exchanged with ease due to the presence of interoperability with software like CAD and others.
  • Further interoperability with other tools making it possible to streamline the workflow more effectively across the design and modelling process.
  • The convenience and streamlined workflow available in this software helps automotive companies quickly execute the product design stage while reducing their overhaul.