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Maximise Efficiency; Create High Quality 3D Models Faster!

The Autodesk 3ds Max is a leading competitor in the 3D modelling race; providing integrated tools for rendering and animation. Professionals in both artistic and technical fields will find this software extremely handy for all projects. Autodesk 3ds Max software is the perfect fit for you if your biggest priorities are: increasing productivity, boosting efficiency and lastly, maintaining a standard of high quality with your projects.


After being purchased and installed, you’ll be able to immediately see what the 3ds Max has to offer. A wide range of tools for perfecting your creations, the Autodesk 3ds Max is powerful software. Below, we’ll outline what exactly makes the 3ds Max such a useful and comprehensive option:

  • Population Enhancements
  • Stick Plate Support
  • ShaderFX
  • Placement Tools
  • Square-to-Square Bars
  • Enhanced Rendering for ActiveShade
  • Improved Performance of Interactive Display
  • Stereo Camera
  • Enhanced View Manager


While the above certainly makes the Autodesk 3ds Max sound like an attractive purchase, it is to your benefit that you also take a deeper look. See for yourself how these features come together and what they’re capable of providing to you in the workspace. Here we will go on to describe the functions of the tools listed above.

  • The available tools for population enhancements offer a great deal of artistic control and serve to boost the realism of any scene.
    • The patterns of certain actions (running, turning, sitting, etc.) can be analysed to identify the most natural movements for characters.
    • Software development tools can be used to customise the population.
  • Through visualising, rendering and transferring data points, it’s possible to produce more realistic designs.
  • ShaderFX is a visual shadow editor that works in real time.
    • Click and drag workflow can be used to connect nodes with ease.
    • You can see created materials visualised in real time on the 3ds Max screen.
    • Advanced settings make it possible to drill down every node.
    • Refined HLSL shaders can easily be created for display windows.
  • Placement tools allow you to set the position and orientation of an object relative to another object.
    • The available auto-parenting and targeting patterns are highly intuitive.
    • Objects can easily be moved across the surface of other objects, similar to magnetic force.
    • Objects can be quickly rotated.
  • ActiveShade enhanced rendering has much to offer.
    • Easily tweak and adjust your models/designs by directly interacting with any changes made to materials or lighting.
    • Adjustments made to lighting parameters allowing for more sophisticated upgrades and denser recordings.
  • Navigation, selection, and in-window text editing are all more interactive.
    • Dense networks and views with a texture map reflect stability more so than other features.
    • Working in a high-precision environment is possible by switching on low impact sawdust removal.
  • Stereo Cameras can boost the quality of 3D models.
    • Nitrous display window allows you to either select; the eyes (left or right), the centre, or anaglyphic display mode.
    • Internal 3D volume levels can be used to tweak stereo ranges.
  • View Management is extremely efficient, by tracking data in nested levels it’s possible to accommodate several objects.


Now we’ll look at what is to be gained by using the Autodesk 3ds Max software.

  • Specialised toolsets that suit the needs of professionals in visual effects or game design while also accommodating those in fields like engineering or architecture.
  • Artists get the freedom to focus primarily on the creative aspect of their jobs as opposed to being bogged down by technical details.
  • Interoperability is available with tools like Revit and Inventor.
  • The 3ds Max is fairly diverse in what it’s capable of, with the potential to produce visualisations for: buildings, industrial machinery, automotive designs, and digital prototypes for consumer goods.