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Autodesk Inventor is an application developed by Autodesk for 3D mechanical design, visualization, simulation, documentation, and test product ideas. This computer-aided application allows users to create perfect 3D models to build the products like 3D models, visualizing, simulating accurately.  To be precise, the software allows you to make prototype products that precisely simulate the stress, weight, driving loads, friction, and more of products and components in a virtual 3D environment.

Inventor software is popular for its precise 3D modeling features that help you visualize and produce your products. The software is designed to help you to produce from most basic mold designs to the most detailed mechanical models that can be tested using integrated assembly stress analysis and motion tools.  These tools improve the productivity of CAD and decrease errors and also reduce the cutting development timelines.

Autodesk Inventor Software:

Autodesk Inventor software integrates assembly analysis and motion simulation; however, users can use the options to contribute driving loads, friction loads, and dynamic components. For additional run the software allows the user to run a dynamic simulation to check how the product will work in an original situation.  These tools allow users to develop automotive parts or cars parts and enhance the weight and strength of the product. It improves the product by identifying high-stress areas, reduces unnecessary vibrations, and also reduces the motor size to control energy consumption.

Inventor software limited analysis feature enables users to legalize the component design using testing part routine under loads. The parametric studies and optimization technology allows users to create parameters in assembly stress parts and evaluate the design options. Based on these parameters, the 3D model will be updated.

Autodesk Inventor software also utilizes specific file design for assemblies, drawing views, and parts. These files are exported or imported in the drawing format. But, the Autodesk Inventor uses Design Web Format most frequently for the 3D and 2D information interchange and evaluation format.

Why Inventor?

Modelling flexibility: This feature is considered as a flexible modeling that contains parametric and freeform features.  This feature allows you to select the design that you want with different modeling options.

AnyCAD data: This feature allows you to work with any 3D CAD system for data and maintain a related link. 

Automation: Using iLogic you can design various Automate variations, and it allows you to set up the product design without any complex coding.

Parametric modeling: This feature offers insightful modeling skills and helps you focus on your design instead of focusing on the interface.

Productivity enhancements: It is an additional feature that allows you to be more creative using the new ‘hole’ command and several other modeling improvements.

Top Inventor Ideas: The experiences of the inventor will be improved and updated with the help of the Inventor Ideas for every release.

Improved performance: This feature allows you enhance faster graphics interface and quick open time for big files, quick design process.

Inventor professional improves enhances design workflows with enhanced performances, latest professional design tools, and better collaboration.

Alt text: This feature enhances workflow using the new ‘hole’ command. It helps you get a personalized and streamlined workflow with fewer clicks and Improve workflow with new hole command escalating productivity and speed. Also, it offers enhanced iLogic components.

The latest assembly function of iLogic makes it simple for your professional team to construct customizable products.

Shared view collaboration: You can collaborate with your designs or models online. This feature permits any viewer to review and comment in the Autodesk viewer.

Performance improvements: It permits you to do more in very less time and helps you improve in assembly work, part modeling and drawing documentation.

These are some of the best features of Autodesk Inventor Application.

What are the advantages of using Inventor?

The people who are using the AutoCAD presently or planning to learn AutoCAD will get various benefits from using Autodesk Inventor.  The software offers a friendly and familiar propose environment and different compatible shortcuts of AutoCAD. Also, it offers the real drawing file support; it facilitates the users to control their present 2D drawings to construct precise 3D models.  Digital prototyping is one of the best uses of Inventor, and with this feature, the user can become expert easily by including 3D data and 2D AutoCAD drawings into a digital form, which provides an effective image of the final product. 

This software allows the professionals to design better and simulate products without using any physical prototypes. The Autodesk Inventor comes with a huge range of 3D automatic drawing tools, which allows the users to discover and evaluate the concepts quickly, efficiently and smoothly. The software offers various other features and tools that can improve productivity like Design Automation, Integrated Data Management, Automatic Drawing views and updates, Materials automatic bill, and more.

How is Inventor used?

Autodesk Inventor is used by Inventor Professionals across various industries to assist to seal the gap between engineering, design, and manufacturing. For instance, the manufacturers of Mountain Bik may use Inventor to produce digital prototypes of final products to improve suspension component dealings and make sure that tolerance and clearances are precise. If it is the Yacht manufacturers, the application may be used to precisely model and sample innovative flagships and run a stress test to find where to make changes and enhance boa performance.  The manufacturers use the Inventor to perform stress analysis and reproduce the machine’s motion to recognize sudden collisions and other mistakes that might not be visible until substantial production.

The Autodesk Inventor is basically used to reduce production costs using digital prototyping and practical testing.  This actually helps you decrease the labor-intensive physical reworking that can increase the speed and production and help you to obtain the completed products to the market quickly.

Inventor Professional Software with 3D CAD provides outstanding and high-quality tools for 3D automatic design, product simulation, and documentation. This 3D CAD software helps you develop, control, and bring excellent products with DP (Digital Prototyping) facilities.

With this Autodesk Inventor, you can get the amazing features for latest mechanical engineering design, motion simulation, limited element analysis, mold design and routed system and also improved CAD collaboration.