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Adobe Acrobat is the most used software for viewing, printing, and management of portable document files(PDF). Adobe Acrobat is used in various fields like Education, Administrative services, banking, and IT Sectors. Important analysis, Surveys, brochures, is now mostly in E-formats. The most common version of E-format is PDF. It helps to view any document exactly the same in electronic mode. Acrobat is the software which can convert a.Jpg,Jpeg.Png into a PDF file. The Pdf file can then be easily printed in the format which you wanted. For example, you need to submit a registration form which is the in.JPG format and if you need to fill details in it. For that Acrobat can convert the JPG file into a PDF which can be edited and details can be easily filled. Acrobat works as a universal software where any type of document containing photos, brochures, MS word files can all be changed into a PDF type file.


 Features of Adobe Acrobat


 1.Converting other formats to PDF

For changing any MS word file, PowerPoint or Excel sheet Adobe Acrobat is used. When you have to save a word file in pdf format in MS word, then by clicking the “Create pdf” in the Acrobat ribbon, a pdf file can be created. The Adobe Acrobat symbol automatically pops up in the MS office software after installation which makes it easier to convert the format of the file to pdf. If you don’t want anyone to make a change in the pdf, then you even restrict the edit of the pdf. The software remembers every change made and the file can revert easily. The pdf remembers all the formatting process, and it can be turned back to an MS Word file easily. A pdf file in Acrobat can be protected with a password.

A whole webpage can be converted into a pdf with the help of Acrobat. The Adobe PDF toolbar lets you convert an entire webpage into a pdf file. The converted PDF file acts just like the web page with the original links, layout, and formatting. Multiple sets of Webpages can be stored as a single PDF file.

  2. Scanning

 With the help of adobe acrobat a.JPG, TTF or other image files can be scanned and converted into a pdf. The Enhance Scans tool in the right pane helps in scanning image file. By clicking the  Recognize text, the software then recognizes the layer of words. It then lets you copy the layer of text and then paste it in a new document. With the Correct suspects tool, acrobat identifies suspected text errors and it also displays the text and word side by side. Mobile phones with the help of the Adobe scan app scans the document and directly converts it into a PDF. The acrobat edit tool recognizes the font in the document so that you can fully edit your document.  For example, you have to submit a registration form in E-format. You downloaded the form and it is an image file. You cannot overwrite in an image file, so with the help of Adobe Acrobat, you convert that image file into a PDF, then you can overwrite in that pdf file and fill the registration form.



3. Splitting a PDF

Adobe Acrobat lets you split your pdf into more than one. It lets you organize the pages in your pdf like adding, removing and rotating pages. By clicking on Split in Organize Pages you can choose how you want to split your pdf.  Pages of a pdf can be used in another pdf and every link, fields, and comments of that pdf can be used elsewhere. If you need to combine pages of MS file and MS excel it can be done through Adobe Acrobat. First, you need to make a pdf of both the formats and then merge them. Splitting of pdf also helps in decreasing the size of the pdf. If you need to send only a single page of the pdf to someone then splitting that one page from the whole file is very easy. For example, you have to submit audits of your company of the year 2017. You have a pdf in which audits of the year 2016 and 2017 are present. So now you can just split the pages till 2017 and make it a separate PDF.


4. Merging PDF

Adobe Acrobat also lets you merge PDF's with one another. It helps you to merge spreadsheets, web pages, and videos together into a single pdf. With this software, it is just a matter of few clicks to combine files from any browser. Arranging thumbnails according to your need can be done. Even after you've merged the pdf's, you can always rearrange the pages. Bookmarks, headers, footers and page numbers are always available to avoid any confusion due to the merging of files. Background watermarks can be added to customize your pdf. For example, you have a contract to be scanned and it is double sided, then taking a scan of 1st side and then taking a scan of the 2nd page. After that putting page number will avoid confusion.

For example, if you need to submit a file which must contain data of a spreadsheet, Analysis of that spreadsheet and some images too. A single MS office software is unable to do this. Adobe Acrobat is the perfect software for merging these different formats together. First, you need to convert the spreadsheet into a pdf file which will be an exact replica of the spreadsheet. Then you need to convert the word file and the image file into a pdf too. After all these three formats have been converted into a pdf file, these three different pdf’s can be merged together and be placed accordingly. These will result in a single pdf file which will contain all the three formats together.

5. Sharing PDF’s

The PDF which you created can be easily sent to anyone. The PDF will look exactly the same as the way you are seeing it. The PDF can be sent through various ways like E-mail and social networking sites.

6. Converting PDF's into another format

A pdf file containing files of different formats can be reverted back to its original form with the help of adobe acrobat software. You don’t need to do the stuff all over again. The software will save your precious time. For example, a pdf file contains 10 pages of paragraphs. You need those paragraphs in a word file. You can either type it by seeing the pdf or you can convert those paragraphs into a word file with this software. The Export PDF tool present in the Acrobat software changes the pdf file into a word file. By selecting Microsoft Word as the export format, the software runs a text recognition automatically if the pdf contains scanned text. The texts get copied and then you can paste it anywhere accordingly. Even the font remains the same if the texts present in the pdf are clear enough.

As for the conversion of Excel files present in a pdf format can also be done. You don’t need to do the data entry and reformatting tasks all over again. For example, if you need to work on data but you only have a paper printout, you don’t need to enter the data by seeing the paper. You can just scan the paper in PDF format, then change the data to text format and then paste it in Microsoft Excel and then analyze it there.


7. High-Quality PDF Editing

Editing a PDF has never been so easy with Adobe Software. You can change images and texts in your pdf directly without turning them into a word or different format. Full page editing allows the user to edit the pdf neatly. For example, if you need to add a paragraph in your pdf, with the help of full-page editing the paragraphs which are added will adjust automatically and it will look like the new paragraph existed there from the beginning. If new lines are added in a bullet list, it too gets adjusted automatically.

Adding an image in a pdf file is also provided with full-page editing. If an image is added to the pdf, you can change the size of the image and adjust it in the PDF.

In Acrobat 11, typos are also checked with precision. If there is a typo then the automatic spell check makes sure that the spellings are correct. If you are confused about a word’s spelling then it the software also suggests the correct spelling.

8. Comparing PDF’s 

Comparing two PDF’s together is just a few clicks with the Acrobat 15. The software provides a unique tool for comparing two PDF’s side by side. A highlight bar is present which tells about all the differences present in the texts and images. For example, you have Rewritten an article. Now you have the original article and then your article placed side by side. Hereby placing it side by side you can check the main differences in both the articles and you can also check for plagiarism. You can also put filters for comparing like you can put an image filter where it will only show the differences between the images. You can also put a text filter, Annotations filter, and formatting filter.

You can even review the differences between the two PDF’s i.e where the texts have been changed, where the images are different or in which place the formatting is different. These detailed comparing easily helps in spotting mistakes. This feature also provides a side by side view of the two PDF’s.                                                       

 9. Get Documents Signed

Gone are the days where a hardcopy of a file had to be sent somewhere to get it signed by the required person. Now with the help of Acrobat 15, you can send a PDF and get it signed electronically by the required person. With the help of fill and sign tool, you can get a signature from anyone without even moving from your chair. For example, you need to get a signature of someone in a document. First, you need to scan and convert that document into a PDF file, then you can send it to that specific person. That person will also have to use the Acrobat Software through which he can put an electronic signature. The Fill and sign tool lets you sign through your computer, i.e through digital pen or the mouse of the computer.  That signature will be done in the PDF format of the file. The user can also upload a picture of his/her Signature and place that image where the signature is required. However, this has to be done in a trusted way otherwise forgery can be committed. 

10. Safeguarding your PDF file

Creating a PDF file is one thing and safeguarding is a different thing. The Adobe Acrobat 11 provides protection of your PDF file. You apply a password to the PDF file to secure it. Even if you share the PDF with someone, the person must know the password to open it. The Public Sensitive Information Action in Adobe takes the user through a series of Gateways for the protection of the PDF file.

11. Mobile Apps of Adobe Acrobat

Today is the age of Smartphones and the smartphones are capable of doing almost anything a PC can do. You don’t need to keep sitting in your desk to complete the work in Adobe Acrobat. The Same features which Adobe Acrobat provides in a PC are now available in phones too. From converting files into PDF format to sending a PDF file to get it signed from someone, everything can be done through your smartphone.

So far Adobe Acrobat is the best PDF software available on the internet. The range which Acrobat provides is unmatched and the work done here is neat and clean. This software has a global outreach as it is used by almost everywhere around the world in dealing with PDF files.